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AWS Cloud Quest: Learn by playing!


I know I need to study… but I don’t know where to start, I have just bought some books and I already feel like I’ve studied a lot! When I open my manual I directly feel sleepy so in the end of the day, there is no progress at all….

We have all encountered these feelings, right? Studying by yourself requires A LOT of motivation, and find the motivation to get motivated is also hard in the first place… And when you realize it, you’ve spent all day scrolling on your phone, playing games, and your day is over.

BUT!!! Don’t worry! There is a way to take advantage of those time you spent playing games!

Would you even believe me if I told you such a thing? You can gain knowledge while playing games, so that’s almost getting two birds with the same stone!

Learning with games

“What are you saying?! Foolish! That’s impossible!”

Indeed, that’s what you might think by reading this title. But there is a way to study by the use of games.

In this article, I’d like to introduce the AWS Cloud Quest, a game included in the AWS Skill Builder program.

Gamification and Serious games

In the first place, is playing this games really a thing?

Have you ever heard the words “gamification” or “serious game”?

According to Sebastian Deterding (2011), a researcher form the Hamburg University, Gamification refers to the application of game elements and design techniques to non-game contexts. It is used in various fields such as education, healthcare management, and business. Gamification utilizes game elements to enhance people’s engagement and motivation, thereby encouraging desirable behaviors and outcomes. Elements like points, rankings, badges, and level-ups are employed in gamification, allowing participants to earn rewards and recognition by achieving goals or competing with others.


On the other hand, Serious games are games designed primarily for purposes other than entertainment, such as education, training, and enlightenment. Serious games provide simulations, training, and enlightenment to tackle real-world problems and challenges. Examples include training for healthcare professionals, simulations for disaster response, and practicing business strategies. In serious games, scenarios and game mechanics are based on real-world rules and constraints.

(Michael & Chen、2006)

In other words, gamification is a process which purpose is to add fun while completing a given objective, While serious gaming is to train and learn by the mean of games.

If we take a very simple example: when you receive badges or achievement medal on your fitness app, where you can see your ranking and stay fit playfully, that’s gamification. A firefighter training in a fire simulation, using a management simulation game in order to learn business, well, facing some real-like situations in-game to gain skills is what serious games refer to.

About AWS Cloud Quest

So which one is the Cloud Quest?

I personally think Cloud Quest is a gamification process:

  • it is just as a manual forcefully intergated inside a game,
  • it shows how much you have progressed through your learning program,
  • you get rewarded with XP everytime you clear an assignment.

In other words, it uses gaming language to show your learning.

So how does it look like when you really play the game?

AWS Cloud Quest is an online game organized by AWS where participants compete to showcase their knowledge and skills in cloud computing.

One day, Cloud City, the virtual world of AWS, was suddenly enveloped in mysterious electromagnetic waves, and the “Cloud Gems” that hold the power of the cloud were stolen.

The residents of Cloud City, known as “Cloudies,” call upon your help to save Cloud City. You embark on a journey to Cloud City, where you will face various challenges in order to restore the power of the cloud and retrieve the Cloud Gems.

 As you progress in the game, you will be required to solve problems related to AWS services and features. These challenges will test your knowledge and skills in utilizing AWS services effectively.

AWS Cloud Quest requires knowledge about AWS services such as computing, storage, database, and network. By solving problems related to these services, you can restore the power of the cloud and save Cloud City.

In addition, practical skills in development and deployment using AWS services are also necessary.

I will write another article explaining the gameplay with more details. I just wanted you to know somewhere in your heart that you could actually play games and learn at the same time!

Stay tuned for the next article and have fun!

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