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AWS Cloud Quest: About the challenges


From a previous article, the word “challenge” came up pretty often, didn’t it? This time, we are going to have some further look about what these challenges are.

We will see how we can look for the challenges, how to handle them, and what are the minimum requirements to clear them!

Where can we find the challenges?

Challenges are released by these orange drones.

Just shoot them and they will give you a challenge to beat.

What kind of challenges are the challenges?

Challenges are some kind of mini games that test your knowledges about theAWS services. They are presented as problems that you will need to solve by presenting the appropriate service.

For example, the following challenge says: “Help the Marketing department learn about AWS concepts. Determine the best service to host a static website in the cloud, and then determine a possible compute service to host the department’s web application.”

Here, you make the solution.

In order to make the solution, you have to assemble AWS service cards to make your solution’s structure.

You will be given some hints to know what kind of service is the best to place. If you have studied well, it should be easy.

The necessary cards are shown here, so you will be able to see if you can solve the challenge or not.

If you do not have the card yet, you have to go and get it first!

But where to find these card anyway?!

Cards are loot items from the blue drones!

These blue drones can be defeated by clearing quizzes. Personally, quizzes looks much harder as they are pretty similar to real exam questions.

Once you clear the quiz correctly, the drone will drop a card and give you some XP.

Note: If you fail a quiz, you will be given another chance with another question. If you fail it 2 times, the drone will fly away.

So with the card you just got, you can go back to your challenge!

Huh? I am sure I owned this card but it just vanished?!

Yeah… I can relate so bad… They disappear right?

In reality, the cards you used once in a challenge will be consumed, that’s why you sometimes get the same card many times!

Sometimes, you might also need two or more of the same card in the same task, and if you don’t have the correct amount, you won’t be able to clear it.

So if you are lacking your card, all you can do is to go fight some drones again!

If I didn’t clear a challenge, should I search the same drone again to beat it back?

No no no! You have to be kidding, right?

You can’t differenciate the drones appart from their color in the first time, and you are talking about searching the same drone of the same color??

The challenges you started but you could not finish for whatever reason it is are accessible from your progress page. You just can take them back from there without having to zap the drone again!

And once you clear a challenge, you are likely becoming the hero of Cloud City!

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