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AWS Cloud Quest: not only Certified Cloud Practitioner

What else is there in Cloud Quest?

In the previous article, we have talked a loooooot about the fact we could study for the Certified Cloud Practitioner exam with Cloud Quest.


With Cloud Quest, you can prepare and get knowledge for:

  • Cloud Practitioner
  • Data Analytics
  • Solution Architecs
  • Serverless Developer
  • Machine Learning
  • Security

Therefore, if you want to try anything else than the Practictioner program, you will at least have to pay a subscription fee.

For each course you complete, you will be rewarded a digital badge by Amazon (just like when you pass the exam). It might be a very good point for people who like collecting badges!

There are still quizzes here and there in Cloud City, but you will not get any more main quest from NPC as long as you are still using a free course.

So how to use them?

Subscription plan chart is on AWS Skillbuilder website. Going for a 1 year subscription might be the best way if you plan to stay for long. Also, you can use team subscription if you have good friends with whom you plan to use it, or any coworkers who want to dive with you in this journey:

Since there also is a “team play option” in this game, playing it with your friend might be as twice as fun as playing all alone by yourself.

But am I gonna pay that much just for one game?

299$ a year is not a small amount for a subscription, right?

I reality, when you subscribe, you will get ALL the AWS Skill Builder merites and not only the Cloud Quest:

  • Through AWS Builder Labs, you can acquire new skills and learn by creating practical projects.
  • You can prepare for AWS certification exams by taking exam preparation courses and using official practice exams.
  • You can enhance your AWS skills through interactive and practical scenarios.
  • You can learn and apply AWS skills through the role-playing game AWS Cloud Quest.

I personally like when you feel premium and get access to paid features!

The most interesting parts of the Skill Builder are all premium, such as the continuation of Cloud Quest or some richer courses.

So, people who want to take full advantage from the Cloud Questshould probably choose one of the subscription plan and study harder!

People who say “Nah, I’m good with just the practitioner badge! I’ll beat drones and collect pets from now on!”, you still have a lot of quizzes and challenges waiting for you! The main content will still be about the Certified Cloud Practitioner, but it could be a good opportunity to test your own knowledge!

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